The Ecology of Power—Spring Cohort
The Ecology of Power—Spring Cohort

The Ecology of Power—Spring Cohort

Learn to navigate Power, Purpose and Pain through the lenses of nature, cognitive science and ancestral traditions.

Welcome to The Ecology of Power. This 10-week program will give you a lifelong toolkit to reclaim clarity and vitality, navigate power dynamics and cultivate true alignment.

Our upcoming Spring Cohort runs from May 21st to July 23rd, 2024.

Limited seats are available. Apply by Friday May 17th to secure your spot.


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Where is our Power?

  • 70% of advertising budgets in 2023 were spent for products that either fragment our energy or monetize our distraction and lack of vitality.
  • 30–50% of entrepreneurs and activists experience depression and burn outs
  • 65% of projects fail because of team and governance conflicts around issues of power and money

These are not easy times.

But behind what we call “blockages,“burn outs” or “power conflicts” there is a hidden architecture of deeply rooted unconscious beliefs and mechanisms that create those states, entirely based on how we’re incentivized to see power—in ourselves, others and the context around us.

Reach those roots, and you can rewrite that story. And once you rewrite it, everything can shift.

We inherited a Story of Power that hijacks us, our projects and our relationships. It’s time to write a new one—because if the game levels us, then so must we.

Navigating Power and Purpose in the 21st century

Ecology of Power is a 10-week cohort program for entrepreneurs, activists and explorers who want to approach power and purpose in a regenerative way.

Through this program you’ll learn to:

  • understand the science of empowered vs disempowered states through nature and evidence-based protocols
  • cultivate vitality, clarity and alignment in order to overcome states of anxiety, frustration and the constant feeling of “falling behind”
  • discern power dynamics at play in the moment and learn how to respond effectively
  • recognize actions that shift tensions vs repeating the damage and discover how to adjust them
  • communicate the true value of your work thus releasing blockages around expression, worth and money
  • participate in global arenas and conversations knowing what is your unique role to play within the larger eco-system
This program is designed for leaders eager to navigate and thrive in current systems while changing and regenerating them as well

Program details

This is not a course. It’s an immersive hands-on program focused on practice and applied knowledge.
Think “group coaching.” We work in a small group of 6–7 people with tools from somatic and cognitive science, nature and evidence-based protocols as well as ancient traditions. The core program outlined below gets tailored to the group’s specific profiles and needs.

Week 1

Understanding Paradigms: the Old Power and the New

We start by examining the current shifts of perspective on Power and Purpose looking at fields like quantum physics, technology, psychology and ancient traditions.

How can we read the current trends and risks? What will we work on during the program, and how?

See module outline
  • Kick-off: brief background and group introduction
  • Anatomy of a Broken System: identify how we are we conditioned to see power and how it impacts or hijacks us, our relationships and projects
  • Your Program Compass: outline of the program, set-up of our tools and access to links and resources

Week 2

Power Fundamentals

We set the groundwork. We acquire key references on Power through the lenses of somatic and cognitive science, and we define the baseline and tailored Power Protocol of each participant.

What is Power? What is our current Power State, and what are the most urgent fronts we need to monitor and nurture?

See module outline
  • Glossary of Power: key concepts and language to navigate these topics
  • The Tree Map: review of the first assessment and open share of everyone’s current state
  • Your Power Protocol: set-up of each participant’s unique map and protocol to work with throughout the program

Week 3

Anatomy of Attunement

We dive into the science of empowered and disempowered states. Without an antenna and vehicle in-tune nothing else works.

What is the difference between internal and external imbalances? What actions work best for our unique profiles and circumstances?

See module outline
  • Power Leaks and Traps: learn to discern between internal/external, personal/systemic and implosive/explosive imbalances
  • Vitality 101: Eastern traditions and evidence-based protocols for vitality and the recalibration of our body and systems
  • Habits of Lunar Wisdom: definition of a personalized list of habits to integrate in order to reignite our energy and enhance the effects of the program

Week 4

Neutralizing Power Leaks

We deepen the work of week 3. We examine each person’s response to the defined Power Protocol and actions, reflect on the learnings and plan the necessary adjustments.

See module outline

Based on the results of week 3 we evaluate adjustments integrating references on:

  • Gut Health, nutrition and wellness cognitive traps based on our unique story
  • Somatic states, blockages and methods to recover mind-body disconnection
  • Kinesiology, Anabolic and Catabolic States and cellular wisdom

Week 5

Anatomy of Courage

We shift our focus from the internal to the external challenges and resistances that we are facing.

How do we read power dynamics at play? How do we meet tension with presence? How do we train to move through it?

See module details
  • Law of Provocation: understand the true nature of challenges through the lenses of quantum physics, ancient traditions and cognitive science
  • The Reactions vs Response Traps: learn about the incentives that fuel our reactive states, their impact and how to neutralize them
  • On Fear and the 100 Deaths: learn about ancient Samurai practices to face and move through our worst fears with focus, clarity and presence

Week 6

On Power and Relationships

We deepen the work of week 5. We look at each participant’s evolving situations, learn from each other and integrate tools around ancestry and relational psychology.

See module details

We build on progress made in week 5 and we integrate references on:

  • Systems of Power: how to read and navigate power dynamics in our relationships or projects
  • DNA & Behavioral Legacy: epigenetic, ancestry and how to work with inherited behavioral scripts
  • Contracts and Promises: ancestral traditions’ perspectives on family, relationships and their connection to Power and Purpose

Week 7

The 4 dimensions of Wealth

We dive deeper, and we learn that behind conflicts of Power there’s always a story of Value, Worth and Wealth.

How do we identify imbalances of value, and their impact in our life? How can we reach the root of those stories? What does it take to reconcile and rewrite them?

See module details
  • The Architecture of Value: understand the dynamics between the 4 dimensions of Wealth: Value of Self, Life, Other(s) and Resources
  • Genetics of Money: understand the science behind money blockages and the tokenization of assets in relationships
  • Hierarchies of Value vs Function: cognitive tools to shift money and power imbalances in relationships and projects

Week 8

Pain to Power

We reach the core. We learn that we use Power depending on our relationship to Pain, and we dive into the Pain-Power-Purpose equation.

What has Pain got to do with Power? What’s its cultural link to the rising topic of Feminine Leadership, and why does it matter?

See module details
  • The Biology of Pain: understand somatic, cognitive and economic mechanisms of pain, and how they impact our life
  • Feminine Leadership: examine the cultural traps around “feminine” and “masculine” traits and how to integrate their true principles in your life and projects
  • On the Repetition of Damage: examine the mechanisms that lead to the unconscious perpetuation of individual and collective trauma

Week 9

On Purpose, Change and our True Role to Play

We rise from Pain to Purpose. We look into mythology, psychology and systems theory to connect the dots between individual growth and collective contribution.

How can we recognize the pattern between our cracks and our calling? What are the risks and traps, and how can we avoid them?

See module details
  • The Age of Purpose: explore trends and perspectives around Purpose looking at ancient Egyptian traditions and contemporary culture
  • On Turning Wounds into Medicine: understand the link between the specific cracks of our story and how they inform our unique role to play
  • The Ego Ultimate Trap: learn about both the risks and importance of the Ego when it comes to Purpose and regenerative change-making

Week 10

Anatomy of Alignment

The end of our journey—and the start of a new one. In this final session we look at how to integrate the program’s insights looking at the electromagnetic and behavioral science of alignment and embodiment.

How do we turn our breakthroughs into action? How do we nurture and deepen our true alignment over time?

See module details
  • The Physics of Integrity: learn about the electromagnetic value of inner and outer alignment through the lenses of Toltec traditions
  • Tools of Trust: exercises to reignite and cultivate trust as active surrender within yourself or in your relationships
  • Your Power Toolbox: review of each participant’s journey to translate individual breakthroughs into a clear action plan

By joining this program you get:

  • 💻 10 weeks of dedicated hands-on work in a small group format (6-7 people) + lifetime access to the sessions recordingsincluding transcripts and key highlights from our conversations
  • 📚 Selected movies, podcast episodes and articles to prepare or support each week’s session—including Meg’s personal highlights and timestamps of where to locate key insights
  • 📱 The Power & Purpose app—the place to go to connect with members of your cohort and other like-minded people who already went through the program
  • BONUS #1: Guided Exercises Bundle— a set of audios with guided exercises and techniques I use from the Silva Method, Toltec and Buddhist traditions to reclaim energy (recapitulation), recalibrate your nervous system and cultivate vitality
  • BONUS #2: Regenerative Relationships Toolkit—a set of tools and conversation prompts to navigate pivotal moments while taking care of your key relationships: how to identify the true role of people involved, shift power dynamics minimizing conflicts and creating shared fronts for alignment, reignite trust and dialogue, and more
  • BONUS #3: Healing Spaces Assessment Tool—Meg’s personal checklist to assess the safety and integrity of healing and plant medicine spaces, practitioners or programs in order to avoid risks, traps and abuses of power
  • BONUS #4: Integration and Grounding Diet and Exercises—Meg’s personal and curated list of habits, recipes and exercises to integrate transformative experiences
What can you let go of from the old paradigm in order to reclaim yours?

People in their power are like lighthouses.

They are:

  • grounded, aligned, full of vitality—they know how to stand still and send out their message loud and clear
  • aware of fog and storms, but ready to read the power dynamics at play and move through them effectively
  • centered, focused on nourishing their harbor and relationships and creating true value. They don’t get caught in other people’s games—and they know how to trim branches without burning bridges.
We aren’t afraid of challenges. We are afraid of not playing our role and never really expressing our true potential.
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Picture by Joshua Hibbert on Unsplash


📆 When: from May 21st to July 23rd (10 weeks)

💻 Where: online (zoom)

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Format: small group cohort (6–7 people)

📱 Tools: a dedicated platform and app with all sessions recordings and material

*— On Language // this program is primarily run in English. However, if there were enough requests (see the application form) the program can be delivered also in Spanish or Italian. You can specify your language preference in the application form.

Time commitment

 1.5h live Zoom Session per week on Tuesdays at 5pm-7pm Lisbon time*

*—after the May 21st kick off, we’ll confirm the time slot based on the group’s preference and the time zones (see the application form)

⏰ 1h per week of autonomous reflections and exercises

Financial investment

The Ecology of Power includes:

  • 10-week dedicated cohort program (6-7 people)
  • lifetime access to all sessions recordings
  • Access to the Power & Purpose app and network
    • Guided Exercises Bundle
    • Regenerative Relationships Toolkit
    • Healing Spaces Assessment Tool
    • Integration and Grounding Diet and Exercises

Total fee: 3400€ *

*— On Discounts // bursaries and localised prices options are available for those who resonate with this program but can’t currently afford the full fee, or who live in countries with disadvantaged currencies. If this is your case, just let me know in the application form.

*— On Group Tickets // groups or teams of 3+ people can apply to join with a 25% discount. Each person still needs to apply individually and indicate in the form who they are applying with—I’ll take care of the rest :) *— On Payment Plans and Refunds // yes, we have both. Please check the FAQs section for all the details

⚠️ Spots are limited ⚠️ — apply by Friday May 17th to secure your spot.


If you want to be the first to know about the next cohort, you can join my newsletter here.

Do what is truly yours to do. Anything else will fail.

This program is for you if you feel called to…

  • learn about Power and Purpose through the fabric that connects nature, cognitive science and ancestral traditions
  • identify and break the patterns of unconscious replication of damage in your life, relationships, projects and in society
  • connect with like-minded people who are also on their journey to reclaim their true power and realign with their unique role to play

This program is NOT for you if…

  • you’re just looking to acquire more information and explore these topics intellectually
  • you’re not willing to dive deep and sit with uncomfortable questions about yourself, your relationships and society at large
  • you’ve never done any practice of self-reflection and inner work
  • you hold a very strict set of beliefs, perspectives or faith that you consider right while the others are wrong
  • you’re not interested in questioning the way we participate and unconsciously feed the current social and economic system, and you believe that there are “good” vs “bad” people



FAQs and other details

What do you mean by “group coaching”?

I mean that this is not a course with lectures, but a small-group program focused on action and applied knowledge. It’s 20% insights and 80% work on your specific situations, with tools tailored to each participant’s unique needs. I hold the space, guide and share practices but we also learn with and from each other’s journey.

What’s unique about your approach?
  • I don’t see power as finite
  • I don’t teach people to fight for power
  • I don’t teach people to face challenges with more conflict or separation.

In my view, everything is an invitation — meaning, every situation offers us the opportunity to understand how are we using our power, and how we can get back in alignment with our essence and nature. You can read more on my approach here.

Who do you normally work with?

I have 10+ years of experience in the fields of technology, social entrepreneurship and impact investing. Today I mostly work with investors, family office members, founders and leaders in the fields of finance, technology, social impact, climate change and creativity/media. My 1:1 clients are people who know they have power — but want to use it differently and apply it the way nature does: regeneratively. You can read more about my work here.

Do you have case studies?

Most of my clients request full confidentiality and we sign a Mutual Non Disclosure Agreement. However, I can share that (amongst others) I helped people to:

  • Recover from a burnout and untie blockages around self-worth, money and relationship with investors, while regenerating their connection with their spouse, children and business partners — Global tech and WEB3 Founder, 2023
  • Exit a very abusive business partnership after building a multimillion hospitality group without burning bridges, harvesting key relationships, enhancing their reputation and developing a new business and impact strategy — Award-winning Entrepreneur, 2022
  • Untie a decades-long blockage between family members, re-ignite dialogue and trust with their father and identifying the key power leaks that would sabotage long term alignment and fulfilment — Next-Gen Wealth Owner and ESG framework expert, 2023
  • Avoid a multi-million wealth succession fall out with their family, re-ignite trust and dialogue after a decade of conflicts and distance, and re-align both their family and family office strategy with principles of regeneration and social inclusion — Next-Gen Wealth Owner and Hospitality Business Leader, 2024
Is there a refund policy?

Yes, of course. This program is not conventional and it goes very deep, and sometimes you need to experience something before you can fully know if it’s for you. If you decide that this program doesn’t feel right for you or didn't deliver on its promise within the first two weeks, you’ll get a full refund — no questions asked.

Do you offer a payment plan for this program?

Absolutely. You can pay the 3400€ in advance, or pay:

  • in 2x instalments of 1700€
  • in 4x instalments of 850€

You can also request a bursary. You can find all the details in the application form.

Can I pay via my company — or get reimbursed by my employee?

Absolutely. Many companies nowadays have budgets for personal development + training that increases wellbeing (not to mention helps to mitigate burnout) so if you have this option take it! Once your application is reviewed and accepted you’ll be able to pay and request an invoice with the details of your organisation of choice.

I’m interested but can’t join in May-July. Will there be another cohort?

Currently there’s no other program scheduled for 2024. If you really can’t make May-June you can join my newsletter to get all the updates on upcoming programs and initiatives. If you want to request a custom one for your organisation or network, reach out to

Other details and terms of engagement

On confidentiality All the sessions are confidential, and are recorded only for the purpose of the group’a work. Before we start, we sign an MNDA (Mutual Non Disclosure Agreement) — I know it’s a formality but for some of us it does make a difference. On 1:1 support Sometimes there are specific situations that emerge and require 1:1 work. There is a Dedicated Guidance package available for an additional 800€, that includes two 60 minute 1:1 sessions and unlimited voice-memo access (limited to 3 seats).

Interested in joining?

⚠️ Spots are limited ⚠️ — apply by Friday May 17th to secure your spot.


If you want to be the first to know about the next cohort, you can join my newsletter here.

If you came to be a lighthouse you cannot curse the storm.

About Me

Hi, I’m Meg — full name: Margherita Pagani.

Over the last 10 years I have lived and traveled across 30+ countries exploring models of growth, impact and system change with local communities, public/private organizations and indigenous keepers of ancient traditions.

I'm a Forbes 30under30 and Fortune 40under40 founder, a serial TEDx speaker and a private advisor. I directly collaborate with indigenous cultures, in particular with the Yorenka Tasorentsi Institute founded by the award-winning Ashaninka leader, shaman and activist Benki Piyako.

This program is informed by my decades of direct practice with cognitive science and ancient traditions — it combines all the tools that made the difference for me (and now for my clients) and everything I wished existed when I was going through this journey myself.

You can read more on or start with one of my favourite articles — on the topic of The Gate, a concept that incapsulate how many of us feel when we’re called to this kind of work.

Thank you again for being here, and hopefully see you in the sessions.

Abrazo, ~M



Watch my TEDx Lisbon: “You think your purpose and impact matter? Think again.”